January 15, 2013

A year off

Well, apparently I've been busy... and fell off the blogging world for well.. a year!  Last time I updated it was a new 2012 and I couldn't wait to see what the new year would bring us.  Famous last words.  2012 brought us a twin pregnancy... twin girls at that.  October, brought Emma Hailey & Kate Harper to our family and chaos has ensued ever since. I would like to pick up blogging as its a great way to document our lives and milestones.  No promises though for regular updating, but again.. I'll try :).  Happy 2013!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 already?  2011 went by so quickly that it has left me a little baffled!  It was a great year... our first calendar year as parents and we enjoyed every step of the way!  We cannot wait to see what 2012 brings us--Happy New Year!!

What a difference a year makes....our baby is ... well not a baby anymore!

December 17, 2011

Catching up!

We've been busy lately... and most days I have forgotten to bring my camera d'oh!  So now I am going to iPhone photo dump on you all and you can see all the fun things we have been doing!!

November 15, 2011

Time Outs and Stall Tactics

Mark this month, 19 months begins the stall tactics and the use of time outs.  I know I know... could this little man really warrant time outs and be smart enough to use stalling as a way to delay naps, bedtime and more?

The answer is YES!

Stalling, well its begun in 2 ways that we have noticed.  When we say its time to take a bath or its time to take a nap, go to bed, whatever.... Mason now has to walk around, say goodbye to Hurley, pet him a few times, pick up a few toys and act like he is putting them somewhere important.  Run to take a drink of watch and point to various things in the playroom!  At first I was kind of like, ok ok lets get moving and then I noticed this is becoming a habit, he is no dummy and he knows that he isnt eager to do something on our timeline!  The other stall tactic is right before bed, after the books are read, milk is had, teeth are brushed....suddenly Mason has to walk around upstairs and look around in our extra room and our bedroom before he is ready to sleep.  Really?!

Time outs... we have only done a few, but I'm thinking this is just the beginning.  The hitting and throwing toys sometimes is little nuts and so we put him in time out.  Granted I sit with him there and turn my back to him but he does indeed seem to get that he is in trouble and shouldn't have been doing something.  Siiiggghhh, this whole teaching your toddler is tough!

November 8, 2011

19 months old

I guess its true, we blinked, and now our baby is not a baby, he is a 19 month old big boy!  He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want, he has favorite foods, toys and books.  He is creating his own path in this world, and one day all too soon he will be grown up.  So for now, I am going to relish in everything and enjoy our 19 month old monster boy.

Favorite food:  if we are talking meal, chicken nuggets.  if we are talking "of all time" -- fruit snacks (dont judge!)
Favorite book:  The Very Cranky Bear (there are others but lately its been this one)
Favorite toy:  play kitchen- hands down
Other: loves to be a helper in everything we do (bring in groceries, putting things away, getting Hurley his food, etc)

November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up!

We have been celebrating Halloween for so long now and finally the BIG day arrived!  I thought I was "Halloweened Out" before it even started but, no... its still fun dressing up and running around, LOL!  We went trick or treating with Bubbe Sandy first and then with Grandpa, Bubbe Shelley and our aunts, uncles and cousins!  Everyone had a good time and, seriously, if you need some candy -- stop by our house and its yours, we have way too much!!

We can't forget Hurley :)

Family photo

And so its time to put away all the Halloween things and move on to Thanksgiving, time is just rolling by!

October 27, 2011

Getting in the Halloween Spirit!

We have been busy!  Rather than blab on about this and that, I am going to just load you up with photos...we went to touch the trucks trick or treating, pumpkin patch and an awesome Halloween party at our friends house. Splash in some totally random pics and .... that's what we have been up to in a nutshell :)

Pumpkin Patch!

Play Group Halloween Party!

Halloween Touch a Truck

Stay tuned we have more parties and Halloween celebrations coming up!

October 12, 2011

Summer in October

The past week or so we have had a reprieve from the quickly approaching fall and winter and were thrown right back into summer!  While I enjoy fall, feeling the warm 80 degree days is great--especially with a toddler.  Too bad our pool is no longer open because seriously I could have gone for a nice swim!  What we did try to do was be outside every second.  One such trip was to the park and to watch the ducks.  It's always nice to spend quality time with my family--these are the perfect days we'll want to remember when we are talking about wind chills!

As usual, slide, slide slide!

How can you not love this face? 


He wouldn't take his eyes off the ducks for a photo... oh well!

October 3, 2011

Ben & Sydney's 2nd Birthday Party- Didier Farm!

Ben and Sydney are turning 2 on the 9th of October and yesterday they had their birthday party at Didier Farm. The weather was perfect and I think its safe to say that everyone had a great time!  Mason ran all around with his cousins and friends and literally couldn't keep his eyes open on the ride home.  There is so much to do at the the pumpkin patch so we are definitely going to be back there soon!

We are going on a hayride!

Enjoying the sites!

This is the kind of picture you get when you have 5 cousins within 20 months of each other :)

Happy Birthday Ben & Sydney!!

After the party we got to walk around and even ride one of the big kid rides (with Daddy of course!)

We had so much fun celebrating Ben & Syd!!  Can't believe they are already TWO!!